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Lucy Zelic tears into FFA over handling of Stajcic-Matildas drama

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SBS Chief Football host Lucy Zelic has torn the FFA to shreds over their handling of the Alen Stajcic-Matildas drama.

Zelic is calling for key FFA figures to be “accountable” and stand down from their roles in the wake of this “PR disaster”.

Reports on Saturday morning emerged that former Matildas coach Alen Stajcic would have his contract with the FFA terminated – which was later confirmed at a press conference that afternoon.

It led to a stunning response from the Matildas with at least 11 players voicing support for Stajcic despite the FFA’s decision.

Zelic has called for FFA Chief Executive David Gallop and National Head of Performance Luke Casserly to take action.

“Do I believe Luke Casserly and David Gallop need to go? I do,” Zelic said.

“That’s a very strong thing to have say and I don’t say that lightly either.

“But I think when these sorts of things go on and can occur in your organisation and you’re not aware of it – that speaks volumes about your involvement and what you’re doing at the ground level because you should be knowing this.

“If journalists and other people within the football community heard rumblings of it, then I’ll guarantee you he knew and they knew.

“It’s a big thing to have to assume, it’s not a secret in Australian football that this has come out, it’s just that we have something more tangible in the form of surveys and other responses to go off rather than rumours.”

Matildas players are meeting with FFA Board members to discuss the matter.


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