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WATCH: Mark Levy defends racing industry after shocking claims made by the ABC

Macquarie Sports Radio’s Breakfast host Mark Levy has responded to the explosive claims made by the ABC’s 7:30 report on Thursday night, which revealed that hundreds of registered racehorses are being discarded to slaughterhouses in Australia.

Levy questioned the timing of the report in the lead up to this weekend’s Caulfield Cup and the Everest, the richest turf race in the world.

“Given what I have seen and what I have read, it’s quite clear to me that they are talking about three-hundred horses being killed in this abattoir in Queensland,” Levy said.

“Now we’re talking about an industry that has thousands of horses. I know this isn’t a small number, but I just find the timing of the story quite ridiculous leading into the Everest and Caulfield Cup tomorrow.”

The ABC also made a similar report in 2016 into the alleged animal cruelty within the greyhound racing industry and Levy said he wasn’t surprised the broadcasters were now taking aim against the racing industry.

“The other thing I caution people too is that the ABC are the other organisation that did the hatchet job on the greyhound racing industry,” Levy said.

“So what this does is that it prompts all of the protesters to get out in force and protest the horse racing industry and this is what really gets me going.”

Having worked within the industry for many years, Levy said some of his closest friends have worked with horses and that their treatment of them is all class.

“I get really upset talking about it because some of my really close mates work very closely with horses. I know so many participants in the industry who treat their horses better than they treat a member of their own family,” Levy said.

“A mate of mine was a battler and he worked in one of the top racing stables. The horse that he was looking after needed a new rug and the trainer was away, so he couldn’t get the funding that he needed.

“So he went out and spent $500 on a rug for the horse which was his full allowance for the week. He ate two-minute noodles for the rest of the week so he could buy a rug for a horse which he didn’t even own. It really upsets me and just pisses me off.”

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