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Mark Levy SLAMS lack of action over Kyle Flanagan knee incident

Levy & Riddell

Mark Levy has been left dumbfounded after Cronulla’s Kyle Flanagan escaped suspension for a knee to Matt Lodge’s head.

As Brisbane’s Lodge was tackled with the ball, Flanagan lashed out with his knee and connected with his head.

He was immediately put on report by the referees.

Flanagan accepted an early plea for a grade one dangerous conduct code, allowing his to play against Melbourne Storm this week.

But Levy was not impressed by the lack of match sanction.

“The NRL is virtually saying if you go out there this weekend and knee an opponent in the head, you’ll be able to play next weekend because the base penalty is 75 points,” he told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“Think about the inconsistencies from the Match Review Committee in 2019, Josh McGuire is charged with eye-gouging twice in a matter of months and he cops a fine.

“We’ve now got a young bloke who knees an opponent in the head and he’s free to play.

“The NRL’s Head of Football Graham Annessley has got a fair bit on his plate at the moment and in my opinion, the Match Review Committee needs a serious pull through from the NRL.

“But there’s a significant problem because I’m told Mr Annessley’s hands are tied on this because the panel is independent of the NRL and can’t be interfered with or pressured by those in at Rugby League Central, so inevitably there’s no accountability.

“Seriously, what the hell is going on at the National Rugby League at the moment?

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