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Mark Levy takes aim at the Cricket Australia officials

With the findings of the independent review into the culture of Australian Cricket now out in the open, many have begun to ask questions as to why officials at Cricket Australia have seemed to escape any punishment.

Speaking on his Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast show in his ‘Levy Lets Fly’ segment, Mark Levy weighed into the debate, “The independent review into Cricket Australia is damning and highlights the deep seeded problems that have gone unnoticed and unpunished for quite some time.”

Levy took aim at the Cricket Australia officials who he believes have managed to avoid any repercussions for their involvement in fostering the type of culture that would lead players to think it was OK to tamper with a cricket ball, “I’ve read through the 145 page report and I’ve listened to the explanations from the likes of Tim Paine, Josh Hazelwood and David Peever — but, I’m sorry that’s not who we should be hearing from after this report. This morning I’m pointing the finger at those who created this culture and those who turned a blind eye, in particular James Sutherland and Pat Howard. The CEO and High Performance Manager obviously knew what was going on, so what have they done, they’ve jumped ship before having to face the music.

“They’ve imposed these 12 months bans on the likes of Smith and Warner, well what ramifications have been given to Mr Sutherland and Mr Howard? Their resume will forever say they resigned their positions, it should instead read they were sacked for mismanagement and allowing things like bullying in a team environment.”

“If it was any other workplace, you’d be marched out of the building, but these blokes have been allowed to bow out on their terms and it’s not right.”

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