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Marvel Stadium CEO Michael Green reveals revolutionary change for Docklands

Marvel Stadium CEO Michael Green has revealed the inspiration behind Walt Disney Australia’s revolutionary acquisition of Docklands Stadium.

Green told Macquarie Sports Radio promoting the importance of fan engagement and experience for sporting and public events at the venue was a key factor for the company’s takeover.

The eight-year agreement between Disney and Melbourne Stadiums Limited has officially begun with construction underway on signage and re-branding at the giant precinct.

The venue will offer a retail store and a number of activities designed to appeal to children in mind.

“I suppose it’s fantastic two philosophies can align,” Green said.

“Obviously Marvel is one of the largest entertainment brands in the world backed by the Disney Corporation Australia.

“So the fact that they’re so focused on the fan experience – which is obviously our key criteria as well – when you get those two really strong brands coming together, it creates a raft of opportunities.”

The first public event at the venue will be the A-League’s Melbourne Derby on October 20, although it is currently being used for the AFL Draft combine.

“We are going to be doing a lot of things,” Green said.

“The fan engagement specifically for kids is going to be a key focus.

“You can expect as you come to the start of the AFL season, there will be a noticeable difference and there’ll be a real focus on kids.”

It will be a landmark revolution for sporting precincts in Australia with the increase in opportunities and activities for supporters set to dramatically change fans’ experiences.


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