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McKenzie: Codes must take responsibility for concussion

Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie has called on major codes like the AFL, NRL and Rugby Australia to take more responsibility for the welfare of players during and after their careers.

Her comments come in the wake of mounting pressure for the codes to act after it was revealed the NFL has paid out $500 million from its settlement with a class action, a decade ahead of when they were expected to reach the mark.

“As we move forward, sports are going to have to take far more responsibility for how they train their athletes, how they care for their athletes throughout their entire career,” Ms McKenzie told Macquarie Sports Radio’s Cam Reddin.

“Sports are a lot more aware of their duty of care than they ever have been before. But, I’d be watching this space,” she said.

Earlier, former NFL player Colin Scotts issued an emotional plea for sports administrations to take greater action to prevent more ex-players dying as a result of brain injuries developed after suffering concussion.

“[Heads of sport] are not sitting here like me getting all these phone calls from America saying all my mates are dying and going insane. It’s not going away, it’s getting worse,” Scotts told Macquarie Sports Radio on Saturday.

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