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“Me and mum just started laughing,” Michael Dickson reflects on his rookie NFL year

Image: Cal Sport Media / PA / SIPA USA

He’s been touted as the guy who has made punting cool again in the NFL.

Michael Dickson the 23 year old from Sydney has been a huge talking point in the NFL this season, the role playing rookie punter for the Seattle Seahawks has had an incredible journey to get to where he is now, from his debut to being selected as a starter in the Pro Bowl.

With an incredible 48.2 yard kick average and touted as a ‘cheat code’ when he kicks at the elevated Denver, Dickson turned heads with his drop kicks, his 4th down runs, and absolutely accuracy.

“I remember after the game in Chicago just hitting it… and getting back on the bus and my phone was blowing up”

Growing up loving Aussie rules Dickson tried his luck with the Swans being placed into the Swans Talent Academy before being overlooked in the 2014 AFL draft.

“(I) Learned how to be a professional through that Swans academy, I have to give a lot of credit to that system”

Deciding to try his hand as a NFL punter he tried his luck with Prokick Australia and turned heads at Texas college where he won the Texas Bowl MVP as a punter, which is nearly never heard of.

“I didn’t believe it when they told me… just because that position doesn’t usually get it”

Speaking with Mieke Buchan and Billy McGee Dickson shares that the Aussies are seen in the NFL world positively and the old stigma of punters being ‘delicate’ is changing quickly.

“There’s a pretty positive connotations with Australians over there (the USA)”

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