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Melbourne great urges AFL to reduce interchange numbers

Former Melbourne Demons great David Schwarz believes lowering rotation numbers will help free up the game and ease congestion.

There have been ongoing debates about how to eliminate the congestion in the AFL, with latest reports suggesting further rule changes could be made for the 2020 season, including kicks having to travel 20 metres to be considered a mark.

However, Schwarz said on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive reducing interchanges is the solution to the problem.

“When we go back to the 80’s and 90’s, the game flowed, because players actually got tired. You went one-on-one and you tried to beat your opponent through sheer fitness and sheer grunt. And that was because we only had 10 or 20 interchanges per game”, Ox said.

“If they trialled 10 per quarter – or even take it one step further, you can come off once per game. Why won’t clubs and the AFL look at this opportunity of reducing interchange? Players are getting tired, which means the game opens up. Get the thing changed. It will work!”

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