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Melbourne Storm not to blame for wrestling tactics, says Levy and Riddell

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy

Melbourne Storm are once again coming under fire for their wrestling tactics.

Storm captain Cameron Smith appeared to pull the ear of Canberra’s Bailey Simonsson during Saturday’s match.

Mark Riddell labelled the league is “reactive” on wrestling but said coaches were always a step ahead of the rules.

“I think the NRL are doing a good job eradicating illegal tackles in our game,” he said.

“They are a little bit reactive because they’ve got to wait to see what teams are trying to do.

“But coaches will look for the next thing that will gain their team an advantage.”

Mark Levy told Macquarie Sports Radio the Storm technically weren’t doing anything wrong.

“The Melbourne Storm are simply working within the rules of the game,” he said.

“So rather than hammer the club for the wrestling tactics, the blame should be leveled at the NRL for allowing these controversial methods to be used.

When you start reading and looking at all the different techniques that are used to dominate an opponent in mixed martial arts, it’s like reading the manual for WWE wrestling.

“When you think about some of the high-profile professional athletes around the world who are taking their concussion related brain injuries to court, wouldn’t this be another area where the NRL is leaving itself open to litigation?

“In his time as the Head of Football, Todd Greenberg spoke passionately about the emphasis being on player welfare.

“Surely these wrestling tactics are putting the health and safety of these professional footballers at risk.”

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Piggy, Levy & Jimmy