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Member for Hindmarsh Steve Georganas says Optus should be ‘red-carded’ over technical issues

Member for Hindmarsh Steve Georganas says Optus should be “red-carded” over its technical issues which prevented paying customers from watching World Cup games in recent days.

In came in light of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing he was going to put a call into Optus Chief Executive Allen Lew over the dramas.

A passionate football fan himself, Mr Georganas says fans – who have paid $15 for the subscription service – have a right to be disappointed in the telco.

“People are just so angry that they have paid this money for a particular service and they have not received the service,” the Member for Hindmarsh said.

“The World Cup is not just any football match or any competition.

“This is the pinnacle of football worldwide.

“Certainly Optus deserve to be red-carded for this, because people are missing out and they’re missing out on a wonderful competition they can only see once every four years.”

Mr Georganas also said it was a good move to allow SBS to show the games for fans for 48 hours until the issue is resolved.

“I think it’s the first move and a very good move,” Mr Georganas said.

“Let’s hope that they do fix it.

“I want an absolute guarantee from Optus that football fans that want to watch the World Cup have access to this particular service, otherwise they should refund all the money back to people.”