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Mike Whitney says the worst sledging comes “from the crowd”

Former Australian Cricketer Mike Whitney has spoken about the issue of sledging in Test cricket, saying it has become more personal in recent years.

Speaking with Clinton Maynard and Trent Nikolic on Macquarie Sports Radio Weekend Afternoons, Whitney says of sledging that “never in my day, I can never remember it being personal.”

“Whatever happened on the field, you left that at the gate.” said Whitney. “If you took it off the field, you had to be pretty sure that you could back it up.”

“That seems to have changed. A lot of the sledging, particularly what went on in South Africa was exceptionally personal, and that is why people got so upset.”

Whitney went on to say that “the worst sledging that I have ever heard, from anywhere, is from the crowd.” He opened up about his own experiences with crowd sledging, saying “I got called a Black ‘C’ that many times on the boundary.”

When asked his opinion on the Smith, Warner & Bancroft ban, Whitney asked “if it had of been Virat Kohli, do you reckon the Cricket Board of India would have banned him for a year?”

Hear the full interview with Mike Whitney, including more of his thoughts on the Smith, Warner & Bancroft ban below.