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Neil Henry calls for greater protection to stop coach sackings

Former Titans and Cowboys coach Neil Henry is pushing for greater protections to stop coaches like Anthony Griffin from getting the sack with little justification.

Over summer, the NRL will consider implementing anti-tampering measures that would prevent rival clubs from attempting to sign the head coach of another club until late in the final year of their contract.

Henry told Macquarie Sports Radio while anti-tampering may provide greater job security, he also wants to see improvements in the transition process for coaches who exit the game, by choice or by necessity.

“We can’t say ‘there’s anti-tampering for coaches’, yet we can sack a coach that’s running fourth in the competition. We need to build some protection in there for job security,” Henry told Macquarie Sports Radio‘s Cam Reddin.

Henry is one of several coaches working on the establishment of an NRL Coaches Association, which he hopes would provide a “collective voice” to take issues affecting coaches to the league.

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