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‘No player deserves that kind of criticism’: Frank Ponissi speaks out on Cam Smith commentary

Melbourne Storm’s Football Director Frank Ponissi has shared his thoughts on the criticism that Cameron Smith has been receiving from NRL fans and the media.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive with Mark Allen and David Schwarz, Ponissi said he believed that the commentary towards Smith wasn’t fair to the legendary Storm player.

“Unfairly,” Ponissi said when asked how he thought he’d been treated.

“I just think that a lot of the comments have been personal.

“When there is criticism about a players form or the way he plays or his behaviour off the field, if it’s warranted it’s fair enough. That’s the business they are in.

“But some of his attacks have been quite personal,” Ponissi told Drive.

“I just think that it’s gone beyond dodgy. That’s got nothing to do with the player’s form.

“It hasn’t just been a little bit of criticism, it’s been constant criticism for constant time.

“No player deserves that kind of criticism.”

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