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NRL referees on track for Industrial Action over enterprise bargaining agreement

The Professional Rugby League Match Officials have voted on the threat of Industrial Action against the NRL with a result expected on Friday.

The PRLMO is negotiating with the League over its new enterprise bargaining agreement.  The whistleblowers are crying out for a pay increase and better conditions, arguing they are an integral part of the billion dollar game.

Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast learnt the referees are paying for their own scans and surgery after being injured at training, before claiming it through Medicare and private health insurance with the NRL reimbursing the difference.

The PRLMO argues the players and the clubs have been rewarded as a result of the broadcast deal, but the referees are the forgotten men and women in the game.

Chairman Silvio Del Vecchio have told Mark Levy and Mark Riddell “the injury management policy in particular doesn’t form part of our (PRLMO) enterprise bargaining agreement … when the issue has been tabled, we’ve been told the policy forms part of the NRL but not for the referees.”

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