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Only high standards will do for Port Adelaide

We’ll only accept the highest of standards.

That’s the message from Port Adelaide senior assistant Matthew Nicks on the back of defender Darcy Byrne-Jones being suspended for a week after missing a team meeting at the club’s Alberton base on Wednesday.

Speaking on Afternoons, Nicks said all players were treated equally, regardless of their status at the club.

“We’ve made a decision at the club that we’ll be unconditional,” he said.

“There’s no grey areas anymore – if we want to challenge for a premiership and achieve the ultimate goal, we have to go that way.

“From our point of view, we see Darcy-Byrne Jones as a really important players in our group. It was a big call (to suspend him) from the leadership group and the coaching group backed them up on it and I think we’ll be better for it in the medium to long term.”

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