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Paul Roos claps back at player misbehaviour

Legendary AFL coach Paul Roos has spoken of the lack of leadership and accountability recently shown by sporting teams and organisations, as another off-season has been marred by player misconduct.

Appearing on Macquarie Sports Radio’s Morning show with David Morrow and Mat Thompson, Roos said that sports organisations and clubs need to act more accountable when dealing with off-field issues and player behaviour.

“We’re performance by design, and you need to set the tone. It’s your responsibility as clubs and the organisations need to set the framework. We need to reward the good behaviour and challenge the bad.

“Players and sportsmen are role models, whether you like it or not. You’re in a public forum and you need to act like it. If you’re role model behaves well, then everyone else will follow their lead. They are held to a higher standard and so they should be.”

With an off-season plagued by NRL scandals, Roos said that clubs need to be more proactive and set a positive precedent, starting with their star players and leadership groups.

“The biggest challenge is when it’s your best players behaving outside the behavioural parameters. It’s very hard to set a culture if everyone isn’t on board.”

“Your leaders have to lead the way. They have to be accountable and if they’re not doing it, then its hard to have a successful culture.

In 2005, Roos coached the Sydney Swans to their first premiership in 72 years, an achievement that elevated him to AFL Legend status, and said that it was their system that laid the platform for their success.

“We had a clear framework of behaviors about what was or wasn’t acceptable. You can be a talent based team or a behavioral based team. A behavioral based team will continue to perform at a high level because their behavior is positive. If you build your foundation behind behavior, then you’re not reliant on talent and superstars.”


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