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Penrith co-captain ‘doesn’t see how you can be awarded a point for losing’


Should competition points be awarded to a team who loses in Golden Point?

The debate has been reignited after three games were decided via the controversial extra time method on the weekend.

Penrith co-captain Isaah Yeo, whose side knocked off the Tigers thanks to a Golden Point field goal, disagrees with the idea that a team who loses in golden point deserves to be rewarded.

“If you’re still going to get a point for it, you might as well have a draw after the 80 minutes if that’s the case,” Yeo tells David Morrow and Mat Thompson.

“I’m not quite sure where that comes from, you’re getting rewarded for having a strong 80 minute performance but if you don’t win the game, you don’t win the game, I don’t see how you can be awarded a point for losing,

“I wouldn’t expect a point if we were on the back end of a loss last week.”

Golden Point is a contentious mechanism for deciding a match with critics arguing that it causes referees to officiate differently and teams to simply set up for a field goal.

“The refs are more worried about blowing a penalty,” Yeo said.

“You could maybe change it to not golden point, but just have five minutes either side and go from there, and even if you do get a field goal you keep playing until the end of it, or you just go draw and leave it at one point each,

“You can tell that the refs do referee differently, I think that’s on show for everyone to see, I don’t think there’s ever a penalty blown unless it’s really a blatant one,

“And you can tell that everyone just sets up for a field goal.”

Yeo heaped praise on Nathan Cleary after the Panthers half slotted two clutch kicks to seal a one point win over the Wests Tigers.

“Thank God for Nathan Cleary, to come up with the conversion from the sideline to tie it up, and then the field goal at the end to secure the victory, it’s pretty special,”

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