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‘Penrith just don’t look interested’: Lazarus

A lacklustre Penrith outfit suffered a 30 point flogging from the Melbourne Storm and Rugby League Hall of Famer Glenn Lazarus is blown away by their apparent indifference.

“Penrith just don’t look interested,” Lazarus tells David Morrow and Julian King on Macquarie Sports Radio. 

“They’re not motivated at the moment, unfortunately.”

Penrith were central players in the off-season from hell with a sex-tape scandal engulfing the club and high-jacking their pre-season, but the three-time premiership winner says the Panthers’  problems lie elsewhere and wonders if the modern player is over-coached, over instructed, and too focused on the minutiae of the game.

“You go to these clubs and there’s nearly a coach for every player and I think they get drowned in information, they’ve got to constantly be thinking about football,

“Coaches, I think, are guilty of making the game too difficult, or making it look to difficult rather than the old Jack Gibson [attitude] of run hard, tackle hard,

“On paper, every week Penrith send out a pretty good team but between the ears, they just don’t seem to be at the ground they’re playing at.

“I just don’t think Penrith has any real enthusiasm about them at the moment and Ivan’s got a bit of a worry on his hands there.”

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