Peter Brock’s 1984 ‘Big Bangar’ to be auctioned

This year’s Bathurst race could host the sale of Australia’s most expensive car.

At the 2018 Bathurst 1000 on October 6 Lloyd’s Auctions will be leading Peter Brock’s car auction, where his iconic 1984 VK Commodore Group C race car, also known as the ‘Big Bangar’ will be on display.

If sold for over $2 million, it would surpass the record held by the Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III which sold for $1,030,000,.

Bill Freeman, head auctioneer at Lloyd’s Auctions says it’s got a special place in everyone’s memory.

“It was the last of the Australian Big V8s,” he told Weekend Afternoons.

“They went from Group C racing, which was the V8s we all grew up with, to Group A which was more an international series.”

In 1984 Peter Brock with co-driver Larry Perkins came first, while John Harvey came second with David Parsons, both driving Holden VK Commodores.

“This was the last hurrah in 1984, and they [Holden] came one and two.”

It will be one of 30 Peter Brock cars being sold on the day.