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Phil Waugh cant guarantee Cheika’s coaching future

After one of the worst seasons in Australian Rugby history the once untouchable Michael Cheika is in real danger of being scrapped as Wallabies coach less than a year out from the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Speaking on the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast show, former Wallaby and current ARU board member Phil Waugh weighed in on the situation, “As you know with all boards a lot of the conversations happen before the actual board meeting. So I think there’s a thorough review going on and it’s about making sure we’ve got all our ducks in a row and then making the right decisions.”

Waugh acknowledge that the collective frustration of the Australian Rugby public was a consideration for the board when deciding on the future of the Wallabies coaching staff, “Certainly the voices are getting louder from the frustrated Rugby public so it’s really important to turn things around and put Rugby back where it should be. Certainly as a former Wallaby and obviously a board member it is frustrating to watch the performances.”

Interestingly Waugh could not guarantee that Michael Cheika would remain the Wallabies coach through to the 2019 Rugby World Cup, “I think that’s part of the review process and actually going through it and seeing where things  are at until we’ve got the right people not just at head coach but right through the organisation. So there’s certainly plenty of work to do.”

“Was that diplomatic enough that answer?” He continued.

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