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Piggy cannot believe the current state of the Cronulla Sharks

The Sharks are facing losses of up to $2 million after it was announced that they are currently heading into the 2019 NRL season without these three major sponsors: Opal Solar (front of jersey), Bang and Olufsen (back), and Martec (sleeves)

Former NRL star Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell has slammed Cronulla ownership saying, “Can you believe it? Why would you let 3 of your biggest sponsors come off contract in the same year? Why wouldn’t you have the negotiations staggered so each 12-18 months you’re only needing to find one suitable replacement”

This is not the first time that Cronulla has poorly handled their finances with Piggy recalling the Sharks situation at the start of the 2017 season, “The other thing is, off the back of the 2016 season when they won their first premiership ever they recorded a loss of $4 million dollars in 2017. Who’s running this show? Someone’s got some explaining to do”

While the heavy loss in funds have resulted in 10 staff members being made redundant, Piggy believes the direction of the club will severely affect premiership winning coach Shane Flanagan, “You know who I feel for? Shane Flanagan. Because, I see what he’s gone through and what he’s done for that club… he coaches them to a premiership, and still, a couple years after that, they can’t get themselves sorted.”

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