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Piggy wants the Dragons and Wigan to do a player swap

Dragons Captain Gareth Widdop sent fans of the joint venture into a mild panic yesterday as it was reported that he was homesick and wanting an early release from his deal to head back to England

Widdop came out and fronted the media in an attempt to squash the rumours whilst not denying them completely.

Former Dragons legend and co-host of the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast show Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell threw support behind the homesick Pom, “I loved that video he put out last night. I think it was great to get on the front foot and I suppose put it to bed because he’s going to stay here for 2019. The Dragons are going to talk with him and his management about 2020 and 2021 that he is currently signed for. So there’s no real drama for Dragons fans.”

Whilst acknowledging Widdop’s importance to the Dragons, Riddell had been thinking of contingency plans should the rumours ultimately prove true, “I’ve got to say though and i’ve been thinking about this about the whole Gareth Widdop situation. They should try and use it to their advantage. If he does want to go in 2020 or 2021, They should try and do a player swap deal with one of the English Super League clubs and try and get someone out here.”

“And I’ve already pinpointed who.” Riddell continued.

“There’s a number 6 who plays for the Wigan Warriors, his names George Williams. He plays for England in that role as well. I know he’s got a burning desire to come and play in the NRL. If I was the Dragons I’d be approaching the Wigan Warriors and saying ‘How about we do some sort of a player swap, George Williams from the Wigan Warriors and we’ll give you Gareth Widdop’. Try and get something out of it.”

Piggy holds the Wigan play maker in very high esteem and has no doubts he’s got what it takes to cut it in the NRL, “He (George Williams) is top notch. He’s one of those players over there that could come over here and do a really good job and I know for a fact that he wants to come over here in the NRL. There are some halves that are going to be available (in the NRL) but i’m just not sure whether they’re going to be quality and he honestly sits up in that top quality of player”

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Listen to what Piggy had to say about a player swap below: