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Piggy’s power ranking of cocktails

After a week of basting in the sun in the Hayman Islands, Piggy has come back as Macquarie Sports Radio’s new cocktail extraordinaire.

Coming back to the offices with a tan to make anyone jealous, Piggy has given us the rundown on some of his favourite cocktails he encountered while away.

“The Pina Colada was as the top of the list, and that was our go to cocktail. That was our staple cocktail,” Piggy said.

“I had something called a La La Land and that was in a coconut. They would cut open the fresh coconut and it was great.

“To be honest, I can’t even remember the names of them. I just said to the bloke, ‘let’s start at the top and work our way through’.”

To enjoy your own slice of Piggy’s new found love, here are some of the ingredients of his favourite cocktails below.


Piña Colada
45 ml Malibu Original
75 ml Pineapple juice
25 ml Coconut cream
How to mix the drink:
Pour everything into a shaker with ice.
Shake, pour and enjoy!
La La Land Cocktail
1.5 nips of Absolut Los Angeles Vodka
1 nip of Cranberry Juice
1 nip of Pomegranate Juice
1 nip of Lemon Lime Soda
Build ingredients over ice into a hi-ball glass and garnish with a squeeze of lime
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