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PIGS MIGHT LIE: Mark Riddell is how old?!

“They never check birth certificates,” the proud Pig proclaimed.

This startling fact came to light when NRL cult hero Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell made a shocking revelation on Macquarie Sports Radio.

Piggy lied about his age for most of his NRL career.


Indulgently, Piggy was the answer to a ‘Who Am I’ question on Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast and co-host Mark Levy revealed his birthdate as a clue: December 9th, 1981.

“I’m actually born 9th of December 1980 but I changed it years ago so I could get an extra year out of my career,” Piggy confessed.

“That’s what we all do, all the footy boys, once we get into the NRL, we all change our birth dates so we can get extra years on our contracts,”

Co-host Mark Levy was shocked by this startling revelation, asking “Are you serious?”

“I’m 100% serious, all those footy cards where you see players birth dates and be like, ‘please, as if that’s his age, he’s put that one back a few years!’

Riddell went on to reveal exactly how he duped the clubs he was contracted to.

“At the start of each year or so, you have to fill in your details and everything, so the sooner you did it, the better.”

“It was a nice little rort that one, wasn’t it?

“I retired when I was 31 so I didn’t milk it too much but some of the boys out there that I actually played with as a kid, I’d see their birth date and say ‘Oh please – you’re 28?! We’re 31, what’s doing?

“They’d say ‘shhhh, I’ve gotta get the contract up, gotta renew the contract.

Riddell’s career included 92 games with the Dragons, 86 with the Parramatta Eels, 10 with the Sydney Roosters and a stint with Wigan in the Super League.

It’s not clear if any of them ever checked his ID.

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