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Players demand 5th set tie-breakers after 400-minute marathon

Kevin Anderson is through to his first Wimbledon Final after a marathon semi-final win over John Isner.

After a gruelling six hours and 36 minutes on court, Anderson claimed game 50 of the 5th set to win 7-6, 6-7, 6-7, 6-4, 26-24.

It was the longest semi-final in Wimbledon history, as well as the second-longest ever played match at the All England Club.

That title belongs to John Isner and Nicholas Mahut that finished 70-68 in the 5th set after 11 hours on court, spread over three days in 2010.

After the match, Isner backed calls for the introduction of a tie-break to decide the final set once it reaches 12-12.

“If one person can’t finish the other off before 12-all, then do a tie-breaker there. I think it’s long overdue,” Isner said after his defeat.

Despite winning the match, Anderson was visibly unwell after the match, saying the match felt like it finished in a draw, but ultimately “somebody has to win”.

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