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‘Players make clubs, not resources’ Geoff Toovey on Manly Sea Eagles

Former player and coach for the Manly Sea Eagles has told Halftime with James Willis that he is unsure as why he has not been considered for a coaching tole at the club.

‘It’s a mystery isn’t it.’

‘I think the uncertainty is very troubling for the sponsors and for the fans…the quicker it can be solved the better’

Toovey has said that he would consider taking over the reins, and that the argument of not enough resources doesn’t wash.

‘People make clubs, not resources’

However Toovey was not buying into the rumours that certain players would walk if Neil Henry was appointed Head Coach

‘I don’t know how true that is, players are professional athletes now, and they’ll put their best forward…that’s what they are there to do. ‘

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