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Playing soccer in the middle of summer is ‘detrimental’ to the brand

Australian sporting identity Mark Bosnich believes that playing A League in the middle of summer is hurting the brand and cutting careers short.

Asked if the A-League was mature enough to move the season from summer to winter Bosnich told Macquarie Sports Radio “I don’t think they are mature enough right now”.

“But we have to consider this within the next three years or so,” he added.

“AFL, NRL and cricket are pillars of Australian society, we need to try and be one of those pillars separately too.

“Playing in the summer is detrimental. People’s careers are getting longer and over here, playing in that heat takes so much out of the players that once they get past 30 (years of age) it is like they are basically gone.

“It is just not healthy for them.”

Bosnich was adamant that it is just too hot during summer in Australia to play the game.

“It is nigh impossible to play football at a high speed at 5pm in the middle of January,” he said.

“Go outside next time in January or February when it gets past 25 degrees sprint 40 meters, have 20 seconds rest and then sprint back.

“Do that five times and tell me how you feel.”

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