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There needs to be an investigation. The game and its loyal supporters deserve answers. Who knew what and when? We need Full Transparency.

ARL Commissioner Mark Coyne’s Singapore Swearing Scandal could see the phones and email records of his fellow commissioners forensically investigated in pursuit of the truth. Who knew what and when? Full Transparency demanded. How could anybody in Rugby League keep a secret for seven weeks? It’s almost cinematic… The Missing Seven Weeks, starring Mark Coyne. Will Peter Beattie be the Singapore Swearing Scandal’s first casualty?

Spare a thought for footy’s hard men, we’re Calling Out the Calling Out of the hard men who endear themselves to the nation via grit, determination, and above all, hardness.

While we’re at it, spare a thought for coaches who hold the world’s most high-pressure job. Coaches should be celebrated, coaches deserve their own Appreciation Week. We ought to walk a mile in their high-pressure shoes.

Space… the final frontier… and as far as we’re aware, a frontier which no Rugby League player has ever dared to explore – until now. That is unless the ARL Commission’s abundant academics can crunch the numbers. Learn which Rugby League star will be the game’s ambassador in the vastness of space.

How Greyhound racing and a cutting edge new bet could stave off a looming recession by pump-priming an economy fuelled by punting. Odds reign supreme.

When Cameron Smith met Cameron Smith AKA When World’s Collide. Can Cam Smith play golf? And can Cam Smith play Rugby League?

Straight from the punter’s mouths with emails via

All of that and so much more on Just Short of a Length with Roy and H.G!

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