David Morrow & Mat Thompson – 14th May 2019 Full Show

Isaah Yeo’s honest appraisal of the Panthers, Mary Fowler’s dad and the best drum solos in music history – it was a jam packed show with David Morrow and Mat Thompson.
Isaah Yeo tried to explain the team’s woeful performance against the Tigers and denied Brandy’s claim that the team has lost the love of football.
They spoke to Kevin – the proud dad of Mary Fowler who has been included in the Matildas World Cup squad at the age of 16.
That also sparked a flood of callers talking about other sports stars who made it big in their teenage years.
Rohan Connolly wrapped up all the AFL news including Gary Ablett Jr.’s luck dodging the tribunal.
Danny Levi from the Knights chatted to the guys after 3 straight wins.
Glenn Mitchell was on the line from Perth for much fun and frivolity.
And another wildly popular edition of DJ Crazy Dave’s Music Trivia with this week callers ringing in with their favourite drummers and drum solos in music history.

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