Drive with Matt Granland & David Schwarz: Full Show Podcast – 15th May 2019

Drive with Matt Granland and David Schwarz, featuring:

On the Launchpad, crowd violence is an ongoing issue in the AFL and Matt witnessed some poor behaviour when he was there over the weekend, and the Cats have been promised funding from the Labor government raising the question of whether the government should be giving money to professional sporting clubs.

Rodney Hogg joins the show to talk Shane Watson’s performance in the IPL and the Duke Ball.

On Pub Talk, we countdown the greatest ever TV characters.

Benyam Kidane from NBA Australia talks about the NBA Draft Lottery where the New Orleans Pelicans got the Number 1 pick.

Mark Hayes from Golf Australia joins us ahead of the PGA Championship beginning tomorrow and John Daly has been approved for a golf cart.

Peak Performance Coach Craig Harper discusses the relationship between emotional and physical health.

The Greg Davis Report talking about the biggest comebacks in sport as speculation continues about Cam Smith as well as his Best and Worst in sport.

All Sport Updates with Clinton Maynard and the World Famous Name Game.

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