Drive with Matt Granland & David Schwarz: Full Show Podcast – 16th May 2019

Drive with Matt Granland and David Schwarz, featuring:

On the Launchpad, Tom Boyd announced his shock retirement at 23 from the AFL, the farcical fight between Justin Hodges and New Zealander Troy McMahon last night at the boxing and Nick Kyrgios takes aim at some tennis legends.

Former boxing great Barry Michael commentated the card last night and joined us to talk about the 23 second knock out of McMahon by Hodges, as well as Tim Tzsyu claiming the Australian National Boxing Federation’s super middleweight title against champion Joel Camilleri.

Russell Barwick joined the show to talk Clint Gutherson at Parramatta as well as the Dean Rampe fine.

Wayne Schwass from PukaUp spoke about Tom Boyd’s decision to leave the AFL on account of his mental health.

Piggy Riddell gives his tips in the AFL as the Drive team stay slightly in front of Breakfast in our tipping competition.

Daniel Garb from Fox Sports has the latest in the world of football.

The Jon Ralph Report discussing the greatest one hit wonders in sport – those superstars who helped their team to success and then never made it further as well as his Famous Quote.

All Sport Updates with Clinton Maynard and the World Famous Name Game.

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