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Mick Fuller’s Horse Force; whipping racing into shape

Golf Month has reached a plateau, according to Golfing Australia, which means it’s time to turn your attention to Just Short Of A Length’s Cox Plate special.

Australian Horse Racing has been riddled with turmoil this week, all because we don’t have enough of the Force embedded in the sport. Make no mistake, a horse can absolutely retain it’s dignity as dog food, but only with the proper policing. Enter stage-left; Mick Fuller’s Horse Force and The Dignity Act.

Tiger Woods is set to release his auto-biography. Can he trust anyone else to accurately portray his life? It’s sprinkled with scandal, but nothing scaling the photographs of Bruce McAvaney and Winx living under one roof.

The Wallabies are running up a storm, per usual, and now sights are focused on how they can bond with their Japanese counterparts. It could all start with one question; what are chopsticks?

Shane Warne’s new movie is set to be a hit locally, but there are questions that need to be answered to determine how it will fare internationally; Who can be trusted to direct the cricket scenes? Will there be musical numbers? Will they be done in Bollywood style?

Still looking at the big-screen, the iconic film-to-be, King Of The Mountain, has sprouted new legs with a new appeal to Chinese audiences by shooting a re-staged Bathurst-1000 in Shanghai. It could even become a cross-genre smash-hit by portraying the cars as ghosts.

NRL Bosses are set to receive $1-million in bonuses, despite an “embarrassing” grand final. The final word could sit with The Horse Force man himself; Peter V’landys. Do they look at game-day experience, or reinvest into grass-roots developments; e.g. Hogs For The Homeless.

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