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Rowing cricketers and Tiger returns to Australia

On the Launchpad, will Tiger Woods coming to the President’s Cup be a game changer for you? And Cricket Australia’s new High Performance boss Drew Ginn has ruffled some feathers by wanting the countries fast bowlers to train like rowers – what do you think about that?

Richard Tessell from easyGolf Worldwide Travel & Tours joined us to discuss a new way to travel to and attend golf events.

Mark Robinson from the Herald Sun talks about Paddy McCartin stepping away from footy, potential double-headers in the AFL and Melbourne potentially picking up Harley Bennell.

Mitch Creek from the South East Melbourne Phoenix discusses their loss to Perth and their win against Adelaide and looks ahead to their second outing with Melbourne United on the weekend.

Team Talk with Alan Rodway with a fitting topic: How to sack someone?

The Glenn Lazarus report, All Sports Updates with Clinton Maynard and the world famous name game.

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