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Shock Pattinson drop, sexy weather reading and what’s in a name?

Carl Rackemann was surprised that James Pattinson was dropped for the 2nd Test and that they didn’t stick with the same team from the first Test.
Mat made fun of a BBC weather reader’s voice which prompted Mieke and David to do a sexy weather read-off.
Callers rang in with their memories of sportspeople with terrible broken noses after Mieke commented on Blake Ferguson’s schnozz.
Neil Breen announced that David and Mat are part of a lease on a horse his syndicate company is running – which prompted callers to ring in with suggestions for the name of the horse.
Cam Williams gave his take on the cricket and the greatest boxers of all time.
Cameron Ling spoke about Geelong not getting an AFL Final at their home ground and the upcoming EJ Whitten Legends game.
And Ian Chappell joined them for part 1 of a very special 2 part Heroes.

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