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Pub Talk: Biggest bombshells in sport


Pull up a stool, pour yourself a Peroni shandy, it’s time for another instalment of Pub Talk.

On a day where the football world was rocked by a betting scandal perpetrated by one of the game’s brightest young stars who, for his indiscretions, was handed the toughest wagering sanction in the history of the game….

The Biggest Bombshells in Sport.

This shrapnel spattered table has room for six with the La-Z-Boy reserved for the biggest, most explosive, most scandalous bombshell of them all.

But first, the apologies, in no particular order: Melbourne Storm’s salary cap, the Fine Cotton fiasco, Sandpaper Gate, Ben Cousins’ fall from grace, Peter Brock’s affair, FIFA’s corruption and the IOC, also for their corruption.

To the table of six, without any further adieu:

6: Magic Johnson. In 1991, LA Lakers’ star Magic Johnson shocked the world when he announced he was HIV-positive. Bombshell.

5: OJ Simpson. Dropped a bombshell after leading the LAPD on a low speed car chase in a Ford Bronco after being named as a person of interest in his ex-wife’s murder.

4: Stephen Dank/Essendon Drug Saga. The darkest day in Australian sport. Bombers-shell.

3: Lance Armstrong. A drug cheat on an industrial scale, a pathological liar, a false prophet, a bloody huge bombshell.

2: Monica Seles. Ranked number 1 in the world at the time, was stabbed in back by a crazed fan while on court.

And in the La-Z-Boy…

1: Ben Johnson. The fastest man on the planet was juiced to the eyeballs.

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