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Pub Talk: The Best Pump Up Songs in Sport

Warm up your vocal chords because Pub Talk will have you singing like you’ve had one too many at the karaoke bar.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that sports stars, as well as weekend warriors, fail to achieve peak performance without cranking their finest, most hyped, most electrifying pump up song.

Ernie Ells, it is said, liked a pump up song more than any other person in the history of music. Over a 30 year career spanning 792 events, Ells finished in the top 10 more than 300 times, a 38% strike rate. Incredible. Some say it was his effortless swing, while others say his Walkman was possessed. This one’s for you, The Big Easy….

Pub Talk: The Best Pump Up Songs in Sport

But first, the apologies, in no particular order:

Hunters and Collectors – Holy Grail, The Seekers – I Am Australian, Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline, Guns’N’Roses – Welcome To The Jungle, Mike Brady – Up There Cazaly, ACDC – Hells Bells.

All great songs, if that’s your jam. But there is only room for six at the Pump Up Song table.

6. Jimmy Barnes – There Ain’t No Second Prize

5. Gerry & The Pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone

4. C’mon Aussie C’mon

3. John Farnham – Playing To Win

2. Tina Turner – Simply The Best

And comfortably in the Lazyboy, jacked to the eyeballs with competitive zeal, the greatest pump up song in musical history…

Queen – We Are The Champions

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