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Pub Talk: The Greatest ‘Bonings’ Of All Time

Pub Talk returns to Drive on Macquarie Sports Radio, with Mark Allen & David Schwarz discussing the all time greatest ‘bonings’ in sport and the world, after Sydney King’s Coach (and friend of the show) Andrew Gaze announces he won’t be continuing in the role in the 2019/20 season.

So who gets a seat around the table for the greatest ever firings?

Let’s start with the apologies.
– South Sydney Rabbitohs
– Fitzroy FC
– Hillary Clinton
– One of our callers, Carl from Canterbury
– Agro

Unfortunately, no seats available for you.

Those seated around the table:
– Claudio Ranieri, sacked from Leicester City just 10 games after winning the Premier League.
– Norm Smith, getting fired as coach from the Melbourne Football Club.
– Holden, for ending Australia’s involvement in the production of their cars.
– Alen Stajcic, the recently sacked Matilda’s coach is
– Winston Churchill, for winning a war but still not winning an election to stay Prime Minister in England.

And in the La-Z-Boy…
– Kerry Packer, for being responsible for several of the biggest boning’s in Australian history.

Take a listen to all the nominations in Pub Talk below.