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Pub Talk: The Greatest Silver Foxes in Sport

Pull up a stool, grab yourself a schooner, and prop up the bar.

It’s time for Pub Talk.

Legendary Aussie surfer Mark Richards believes that surfing GOAT Kelly Slater still has the moves, the skill, the style and the drive to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics just two years shy of his 50th birthday. That’s rad.

Face it, our society is ageist and the sporting achievements of older and more seasoned athletes are often overlooked.

But not today, not on Pub Talk.

It’s the Greatest Silver Foxes in Sport.

This congregation represents the world’s most elite gathering of older athletes who have earned the right to sit at the historic knight’s round table.

But first, the apologies, in no particular order:

Bernhard Langer, Rob Thompson, Bart Cummings, Trevor Buchanan, Jamie-Lee Curtis, and the foxiest of them all, Hugh Hefner.

Gallant efforts over storied careers and all will leave behind proud legacies but there is only room for six at the knight’s round table.

The Greatest Silver Foxes in Sport:

6. Kelly Slater. How gnarly it will be for a 48 year old wax head to medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

5. George Foreman. Heavyweight champion of the world at 45. Say no more.

4. Cliff Young. Australia’s favourite spud farmer and winner of the inaugural Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon in 1983 at 61 years of age.

3. Ken Rosewall. Won the Australian open at 37, made the final of Wimbledon at 39. Nicknamed ‘muscles’ because he lacks them.

2. Tom Brady. Won his 6th Superbowl Championship at the tender age of 41. Is married to Giselle. Life is kind to some.

And sitting demurely in the throne…

Oksana Chusovitina. The only female athlete to compete in seven (!) Olympic Games, representing no fewer than three countries (!), and one of only a few women to return to international competition after becoming a mother.

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