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Pub Talk: The Greatest Sporting Achievements in the History of the World


And with a simple one-foot tap in for bogey, Tiger Woods pulled off the greatest comeback in modern sport.

Roaring back.#themasters

— Masters Tournament (@TheMasters) April 14, 2019

It was his 5th Green Jacket and his 15th major championship win. People had written off Tiger Woods after he underwent a spinal fusion. Few thought he would win another tournament, let alone another major.

Yet here we are.

So, in honour of Tiger Woods’ historic victory at Augusta National:

Pub Talk: The Greatest Sporting Achievements in the History of the World.

There’s only room for six at the table of champions and the La-Z-Boy is reserved for the best of the best.

But first, the apologies, in no particular order:

Tom Brady, Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Lee, Tiger Woods (his omission from the La-Z-Boy is criminal), Walter Lindrum, Gary Kasparov.

The Top Six, also in no particular order other than leaving the best to last…

The Greatest Sporting Achievements in the History of the World:

6. Rumble in the Jungle. It wasn’t the fight itself but rather the sum of the occasion. Well done Mohammed Ali and George Foreman.

5. Heather McKay. The Australian squash legend is considered the greatest player in the history of the game, and possibly Australia’s greatest ever athlete. Heather won 16 consecutive British Opens from 1962 to 1977 and clinched the inaugural women’s World Open title in 1976. Oh, and she was undefeated during that period.

4. Michael Jordan. Talk about a high achiever. He won 3 NBA Championships before taking a breather to play baseball for a while. When he returned to the NBA, he won another three rings.

3. Leicester City. No Leicester City fan will ever forget the 2016 English Premier League season as their team famously defied odds of 5,000/1 to win the title.

2. Jessica Watson.  Sailed around the world on her own at 16 years of age while the rest of her peers played fortnight, or whatever the equivalent was in 2009. Grand Theft Auto maybe.

And in the La-Z-Boy…


8 billion people have walked the earth but none have ever done so faster than Usain Bolt. The fastest human in history, parked regally in a comfortable chair.












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