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Relocation is “better than your club dying”

The NRL is seeking to expand the game’s national footprint and debate is raging over which strategy to employ.

Do you expand the game by introducing one or two new clubs? Or do you relocate an existing team from the overpopulated Sydney market?

Relocation is a painful exercise and the brunt of that hurt is born by the fans, as pointed out by Breakfast host Mark Levy.

“You can’t just relocate teams, in my view, because I think with that comes too much pain.” he said.

Responding on Drive, host David Schwarz says while moving might not be the best solution, it’s better than the alternative.

“It’s better than your club dying,”

“When you lose that club, the history is gone.

“Fitzroy is gone. It’s over. But South Melbourne is still the Sydney Swans.”

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