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Reschs Refreshes: David ‘Thirsty’ Morrow’s heady honour


In 2005, Macquarie Sports Radio’s inimitable sports almanac David ‘Thirsty’ Morrow was awarded an OAM for his services to the community, sport and sports broadcasting.

High honours deservingly awarded to a man responsible for broadcasting some of Australias most triumphant sporting moments with the nation. Olympic gold medals, thoroughbreds, Rugby League Grand Finals, and so much more.

Despite his extraordinary achievements behind the microphone, David Morrow’s nickname has nothing to do with what happens on the field, but rather what happens off it.

By name and by nature, David ‘Thirsty’ Morrow has been bestowed a distinguished honour for his services and devotion to Edmund Resch’s enduring elixir, and the beer we drink round here:

Official Patron of the Reschs Appreciation Society.

Edmund Resch incorporated his namesake brewery in 1906 and, although unconfirmed, rumours suggest David Morrow began drinking it in that same year. It is well known that Thirsty will refuse to drink in establishments which do not have Reschs on tap, an alarmingly common predicament in the craft beer obsessed pub culture of today.

The Reschs Appreciation Society was formed in response to this trend and states a clear mission:

(1) To get enough members that we can be a powerful force for good in the liquor industry

(2) To be a place where like-minded Reschs connoisseurs can publicise those pubs that still stock our beloved state drink

Additionally, the society proudly raises funds to help Movember make a big difference to Men’s Health.

Visit their store and show your support by purchasing Reschs Appreciation Society merch:


In Edmund Resch we trust!