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Ricky Stuart praises Sia Soliola for ‘nice guy’ act

Off the field Rugby League players tend to be portrayed as lads and party boys who often get themselves into trouble, but Canberra Raiders big man Sia Soliola has done a lot to try to change that perspective.

Soliola is known for his toughness and will to do the hard yards on the field, but a ‘nice guy’ gesture to a suffering single mum has shown that NRL stars shouldn’t be portrayed as lads and party boys who don’t give a damn away from footy.

The 32-year-old was walking the streets of Canberra one afternoon when he was met by a single mum who had just had her car broken into and several personal items taken from the vehicle.

The young woman who had also returned from a distressing trip in Sydney was asking to see if anyone had seen any of her stolen goods.

She then bumped into Soliola – initially not recognising who the footballer was.

He was just like any other good samaritan offering to help to the local woman – but took it a step further – offering to drive her around – as well as giving Tess money to help.

The bustling forward was commended for his efforts by coach Ricky Stuart.

“It’s not uncommon for Sia,” Stuart said.

“It’s certainly not something that he’s comfortable with that this was public knowledge.

“But I still think that it’s very fortunate for people to hear and see what people like Sia (do) and how they act in public.

“It’s not the kind of stuff the main public ever really hear.

“It’s definitely not the reason that Sia acted that way because he’s going to get acknowledgment about it.

“That’s Sia Soliola, it’s a great example of what Sia’s about.”

Soliola is also an ambassador for Menslink and spends his mornings helping the homeless.


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