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Riddell reveals unusual ‘weight’ clause inserted into his playing contract

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Mark Riddell has told an extraordinary story from his playing days which involved an unusual contract clause.

After Riddell was on the cusp of moving from Parramatta to the Wigan Warriors, he said his new contract had an added weight clause inserted into it.

He told Macquarie Sports Radio how he made the most of the unique situation.

“I was about to sign with the Wigan Warriors for three or four years,” he said.

“Someone had obviously got in the (owner’s) ear about my issues with weight.

“They put a weight clause in my contract, he actually said ‘I’m going to weight you right now and whatever you weight right now, you have to be under it to get the third and fourth year of your contract’.

“Then I’ve gone through the drive-through at Maccas and drank as much fluid as I can to put as much weight on.

“And then I stepped on the scales and weighed way more than I normally do and (my weight) was jotted down in the contract.

“Then I thought beauty, I’ve just got my four-year deal thank you very much.”

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Piggy, Levy & Jimmy