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Riddell WHACKS Benny Elias over ‘disrespectful’ Mannah comments, tells him to ‘p**s off’

Levy & Riddell

Former Parramatta Eels player Mark Riddell has slammed Balmain legend Benny Elias over his “disrespectful” comments directed at Tim Mannah.

The 31-year-old opted to move from Parramatta to Wests Tigers for the last 12 games of the season, with Elias saying he didn’t understand the move from a “football perspective”.

But Riddell fired back, telling Macquarie Sports Radio he found Elias’ comments “really disappointing”, urging him to look at the “whole situation” before commenting on Mannah’s move.

“The thing with Tim Mannah is he’s going to do a job for you,” he said.

“He’s going to make his tackles, he’s going to carry the ball for you on a lot of occasions no else wants to do it.

“He would be costing the Wests Tigers next to nothing to play for four months – Mannah is going to give you a heap of experience and will do a job for the next few months.

“I found it really disrespectful that Benny said that about someone like Tim Mannah but we’ve come to expect that from him.

“These days he’s just a rent-a-quote for journalists, that’ll all he is. They know they’re going to get a headline out of him.

“Tim Mannah has got the right to tell him to piss off.”

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Levy & Riddell