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Rohan Connolly and Matt Granland reveal their top 5 Australian Sporting moments of 2018

2018 was a year with plenty of highs and lows in Australian sport and everyone has their favourite moments of a busy sporting year. Macquarie Sports own Matt Granland joined Rohan Connolly to discuss what caught their attention in 2018.

Both men had similar lists, but went very different with number one. Listen below to what Rohan and Matt thought of Australian sport in 2018.



5 – BasketBrawl – Australia v Philippines fight

“This came from nowhere. I have never thought of the Philippines as a basketball nation. It was incredible scenes.” 

4 – Winx 

Incredible performance from a horse that is nearing Phar Lap status in this country.” 

3- Terry Antonis goes from Villian to Hero 

“Melbourne Victory couldn’t deal with Sydney FC all throughout the season. They just could not beat them. Sydney looked destined to win the title. Poor Terry Antonis stuck his foot out and the ball went in the net, and nearly lost it for the Victory, but didn’t he make up for it late in extra time of the Semi Final.” 

2 – Sandpapergate 

“When the camera is on Cam Bancroft, and he shoves sandpaper down his dacks. My first thoughts were I don’t think that looks good. They were unlucky in the sense that it was the straw that broke the camels back for the Australian public. You could feel animosity building for a while in Australian cricket. In terms of dramatic footage and the ramifications it was a huge story.” 

1 – Dom Sheed finishes off Collingwood 

I think this is one of the best Grand Finals in history. It was the biggest deficit overcome since Essendon in 1984. Dom Sheed threaded it through a small gap, he didn’t snap it, he went back and did a drop punt. He knew this kick would win his side a premiership. The coolness with which he executed was remarkable. Dom Sheed will be something we view in time with Jesaluenko’s mark or Barry Breen’s point it will go down in history.” 



5- Andrew Gaff punch 

“This was Unbelievable. Not since Barry Halls KO has a player caused such a stir. He just a brain fade. He missed a premiership as a result too.”  

4 – Wayne Bennett saga in the NRL 

The way this all worked was extrordinary. The Broncos wanted Craig Bellamy, Wayne Bennett was still in contract and then it all spiraled from there he was sacked not long after. He is a six time premiership coach. This all started with them going after Craig Bellamy, no doubt about it.” 

3 – Winx wins 4 straight 

“She is the greatest racehorse we have seen in this country, and she might be the best in the world too.” 

2 – Ben Simmons rise to stardom 

“What an extraordinary rookie season he had. He is the most talented Australian player ever to play in the NBA. He is going to be a hall of famer. This has been a huge story in Australian sport.” 

1 – Sandpapergate 

“It was remarkable how it was seen in Australia. It was by far the biggest sports story in 2018.” 


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