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Roy and HG’s Festival of the Boot: Part Two – The Big Dance

Lace-up: it’s time for Rugby League’s Big Dance and Roy and HG’s Festival of the Boot 2019 is ready for the hoedown!

Cool, calm, collected and cashed up. On the surface, it’s been there, done that for the Chooks. But don’t be fooled; the shelter and shade of the Salary Cap Sombrero is all a ruse. The Big Coqs at Roosters HQ demand ROI and nothing short of back-to-back premierships will suffice.  

Meanwhile, The Raiders team bus thunders up the Federal Highway bound for The Big Dance for the first time in 25 years. Sticky Ricky Stuart is lashed to the front grill, piercing the air as the Green Machine’s hood ornament. The deafening boom of the Viking Clap echoes through the countryside. You hear if before you see it, an inexplicable kink in the laws of physics. 

That’s Rugby League for you. Bugger the laws of time and space, we’ve got a Big Dance to attend!

Tune in to Just Short of a Length with Roy and HG on Macquarie Sports Radio at 10 am on Saturday, October 5 for The Festival of The Boot: Part Two. Australia’s favourite sports commentary duo will pull, push, prod, probe, pick apart and preview the 2019 NRL Grand Final.

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