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Roy & HG’s Festival of The Boot: Part Two

The Boot Part Two has written Monday’s headline for you:


The Chooks vs The Green Machine. Robbo vs the man they call Sticky AKA Ricky AKA The Angry Ant AKA The Game’s Greatest Thinker AKA Carlos Smearson… AKA League’s Funniest? Just ask the Gigglers in his posse, or wait until Sticky’s biography hits the shelves.


A national security risk sits pride of place on the Canberra chest: Huawei. ASIO aren’t happy. Luckily, the ACT just legalised the GREEN in GREEN MACHINE, so will we see Northern Lights, or Oregon Diesel, or OG Kush emblazoned on the jumper?


As for the Roosters, well, it’s Poultry in Motion. But answer us this – does a lifetime of free Steggles chickens fall under the salary cap? 

Victor the Viking, the big idiot in the boofhead suit, we salute you. We Viking Clap you! Congratulations on your 600th game as the Raiders Mascot. We’re guessing the costume is more sweat than suit these days.

There’s a communist in our midst… a deep state agent, a behind enemy lines operative, a COMMIE. A Liberal!  A man who was a handful of votes away from being Prime Minister of Australia. A conservative monarchist(with a penchant for fishnet stockings. Alexander Downer – whodathunkit?! 

Is Cameron Smith a communist?! Roy’s just putting it out there… you be the judge, there’s no prejudice here, it’s just that he’s in the zeitgeist, and the dots must be connected. Why has he retired without telling anyone, if that’s really what’s happened? Who knew what and when?! Where’s Comrade Downer when you need him?

Hall vs Paul. A cross-code bout for the history books. This has potential for limitless spinoffs, including Hall vs Paul: Table Tennis. 

Is Kelsey Lee Barber our new Golden Girl? The power. The style. The technique. The victory. It was a javelin masterclass. 

UFC243 – that came around quickly! There’s no better way to start a Sunday than to flick on the boss and see someone kneeing another man in the throat. The Last Stylebender doesn’t stand a chance against Robert ‘The Reaper’ Whittaker.

Your emails arrive via – Beefy’s idea of a Giants rebrand…. GWS GWS. 

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