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Rubens Barrichello on racing S5000 and Formula 1

Rubens Barrichello is motorsport royalty, one half of the legendary Formula 1 Ferrari duo headed by Michael Schumacher, who together won 5 straight constructor championships with The Prancing Horse.

Barrichello brings with him the knowledge of a record 322 Formula 1 Grand Prix starts to the latest open-wheel racing series, the S5000 series. A thrilling prospect that has intrigued rev heads across the world Barrichello reveals that he did not have to think long on the decision to come to Australia and accept the challenge.

“I felt my life was lacking adrenaline…  It took me 2 minutes to decide,” he states.

Powered by 5.0 litre V8 Ford Coyote Alumina engines, the 560hp cars will tear through circuits across Australia and New Zealand, Barrichello believes that the series will bring motorsport some newfound light and that it can grow for future generations of drivers.

“I hope that the series really has a good time for the future for the boys who are searching for a little bit more power,” he says.

Racing against 12 others wheel Rubens will have to work but no doubt the thrill of racing wheel to wheel will come back.

“If they invite me once again, I’ll be here,” exclaims Barrichello.

To find out more about the series click for the website HERE.

Image: S5000

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