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Rugby League legend Peter Sterling reveals he is donating his brain to science

NRL Legend Peter Sterling has revealed he is donating his brain to science, citing rising concern of concussion in Rugby League as a major influence on his decision.

Speaking on Halftime with James Willis, Sterling opened up about his significant decision, believing it will benefit players in the future.

“This has been an ongoing concern as we learn more in the future. I’ve said yes to donating my brain to science in the future and I believe it is going to help players in the years to come,” Sterlo said.

“I’m not scared but I am concerned. The decision to donate my brain was a decision not taken lightly but I think it’s important that something like that can help so that we know more and we can take the appropriate steps as that knowledge becomes readily available.”

Sterling’s fears come after it was announced that two former rugby league players who played more than 150 games, both of whom are now deceased, have been diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, commonly known as CTE.

As contact sports grapple with methods and policies to manage concussions, Sterling applauds the NRL for its recent rules and regulations surrounding head knocks.

“The rules that the NRL have put in place was a stand that they needed to make, as a welfare issue for the players, and to err on the side of caution,” Sterlo said.

“The NRL were doing the right thing by their players and legally as well so that we don’t go down the same route as the NFL, so, fortunately, those protocols have changed.”

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