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Sam Newman has his own ideas on fixing congestion

Former Geelong great Sam Newman says the AFL is trying to change the game in a “contrived manner.”

The AFL’s competition committee has finalised its recommendations that it will present to the AFL Commission, including the possibility of an 18 metre goal square, zones and starting positions for players, and restrictions on runners.

But Newman says the answer is simple.

“If you don’t let anyone into the centre square until those people in it got the ball out, then that will solve all the problems overnight in my opinion,” he told Halftime with James Willis.

“When it comes to elongating the goal square, why don’t we stop the fullback kicking it to themselves. Why do we need an 18m goal square.”

Newman said it isn’t up to the coaches to make the game more attractive, with their responsibility firmly on winning.

But fans do get disgruntled when team’s lose.

“People don’t care how their side plays football, as long as they win. But when teams don’t win and they play bad football that’s when they get disgruntled.

“It’s a catch 22, you got to make the game better but you can’t make it better unless you make people play a different way.”

When it comes to this weekend’s matches, the former ruckman says two sides have a distinct advantage.

“Collingwood have an in-form ruckman called Brodie Grundy, and Melbourne have Max Gawn.”